The world of bread-making is personal and dynamic. Yeast is the key ingredient that brings flour and water to life, allowing bakers to use their creativity and bread-making skills to create a vast array of loaves, rolls, buns and bakery treats. A powerful symbol of life, bread continues to hold a special place in our hearts. The aroma of baking bread has the power to transport people across time and continents.


For modern bakers, perfecting the standard block of loaf is not enough to satisfy consumers’ ever-changing appetites. Consumers expect that bakers will produce the latest breads or hottest treats, wherever they are eating. Fortunately, Lesaffre has a range of solutions to help you meet, and more often, exceed consumer expectations.

Banh Mi

Bánh mì or banh mi, Vietnamese version of a baguette and a staple food that can sold anywhere. From the small alley to restaurants, banh mi is a symbol of Vietnam.

Steamed Buns

Once the domain of every Chinese restaurants, steamed buns now can be found available in supermarket freezers, convenience stores and bakeries alike. Filled with either sweet or savoury fillings, these fluffy and soft steamed buns delight the taste buds of consumers young and old.

Sandwich Bread

One of the most savoured breads of our time, sandwich breads are simultaneously the most adaptable and customisable type of bread. The size, shape, consistency, aroma, softness and ability of each loaf to stay fresh longer are essentials to keep consumers coming back for more.


With our foundations in France, it is only natural that Lesaffre has a proven portfolio of baking solutions for Viennoiserie, croissants and laminated pastries. Viennese pastries continue to delight consumers across the globe with their perfect combination of flaky crust and soft, melt-in-the mouth finish.


Be it thin and crispy, hand-tossed, baked fresh or straight from freezer to oven, pizza bases have a lot to live up to. Consumers anticipate the sensations of the taste as they bite into their favourite toppings and to win their loyalty, you need the right yeast and ingredients to help create the perfect pizza base.


The Baguette is a symbol of French culture that has existed for centuries, characterised by its long, thin and crisp crust.  The baguette has since evolved into various variations and styles to suit the local’s taste and trends. It is clear, however, that no one knows better than the French on how to bake a classic baguette.

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