Baker’s Bonus

What is Baker’s Bonus?

Lesaffre developed perfect deactivated yeasts that can correct baking flours and control their rheological characteristics. Because flours only rarely display all the qualities necessary for their transformation into bread, corrective elements need to be added. This is achieved through deactivated yeasts, which are heat-treated to strip them of their fermenting power and are particularly rich in glutathione (GSH).

Baker’s Bonus is our deactivated yeast solution designed to make bakers’ work simpler in both industrial and craft settings.

Why Baker’s Bonus?

Our unique deactivated yeast solution is an ideal tool for your baking production needs.


With Baker’s Bonus, you can look forward to guaranteed standardised quality in your production process, especially in large-scale settings.


Baker’s Bonus provides great flexibility, allowing for easy handling of dough with a strong gluten structure. Ideal for baguettes, pizzas and laminated dough products like croissants.

Clean Label

Made from all-natural ingredients with minimal processing, you can use Baker’s Bonus as a substitute for L-cysteine, protease and sodium metabisulfate.

How You Can Use Baker’s Bonus

Enjoy benefits at every stage of your baking process when you use Baker’s Bonus.

Baker’s Bonus can be incorporated into bread flours, mixes and premixes, and even applied in the formulation of bread improvers.

Ideal for direct use in industrial bread making and biscuit production lines, and able to meet requirements of high-speed lines.

Craft bakers can conveniently blend Baker’s Bonus into flour on a smaller scale for easy use in commercial kitchens.


Here are some tips to help you consider if Baker’s Bonus bread improver is right for you:

Packaged in a 25kg bag.

Shelf life of 2 years from the production date.

Baker’s Bonus Products

Make baking simpler with our dough conditioning solution for industrial and artisan bakers.

Baker’s Bonus RS 190

A deactivated yeast solution formulated to make dough easier to mix and shape, offering consistently shaped products at every bake.

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