Instant Success®

What is Instant Success®?

Instant Success® is recognised by bakers as a high-performing dry yeast suitable for all kinds of bread recipes, whether sweet or savoury. Lesaffre has been distributing this dry yeast internationally for several decades , enjoying immense success and trust among bakers around the world.

Trust in Instant Success® yeast to create delicious baked products!

Why Instant Success®?

Enjoy a simple yet high-performance baking experience with our dry yeast formulation.


Instant Success® yeast does not need to be rehydrated prior to use. Add directly into your baking mix for great results!

Robust Fermentation Power

Instant Success® dry yeast boasts powerful and stable fermentation capacity across different climates and ambient temperatures.

Convenient Storage

Vacuum-packed in easy-to-handle packages, Instant Success® can be stored and transported with minimal hassle.

How You Can Use Instant Success®

Make appetising baked products with confidence.

Ideal for a wide range of applications including soft breads, doughnuts, sausage rolls, crusty bread, puff pastries and more.

Incorporate into your flour mix at the beginning or at the ending of the kneading process according to the recipe requirements.

Can be effectively applied to different dough types, including sugar-free, sweet and even frozen.


Here are some tips to help you consider if Instant Success® dry yeast is right for you:

Packaged in a 500g vacuum-sealed bag.

24-month shelf life.


Instant Success® Dry Yeast Product

Guarantee baking success with our exclusive dry yeast formulation.

Instant Success® Dry Yeast

A dry yeast trusted by global bakers, suitable for both sweet and savoury breads.

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