Red Star®

What is Red Star®?

Generations of bakers have trusted the high quality and consistent performance of Red Star® fresh yeast. From breads and bagels to sweet rolls and pizza, Red Star® yeast helps bakers create high quality Asian and European baked goods alike.

Why Red Star®?

A fresh yeast designed to meet your every baking need.


Trusted by bakers to deliver exceptional results thanks to its ideal consistency, stability and performance.


Easily scalable and suitable for all fermentation processes. Can be applied to fresh, frozen and par-baked products.

Clean Label

Red Star® yeast products are made from the freshest natural ingredients with minimal processing.

How You Can Use Red Star®

Make Red Star fresh yeast a reliable staple in your bread making process.

Suited to diverse applications including bagels, croissants, sourdough, rolls, pastries, crusty bread and more.

Enjoy equally scrumptious results when used in fresh bread recipes or frozen products. Simply add to your mixture and activate with warm water or other liquids.

To preserve the performance and efficacy of fresh yeast, keep Red Star® products chilled but never frozen.


Here are some tips to help you consider if Red Star® fresh yeast is right for you:

Rotate inventory on a first in, first out basis.

Shelf life of 21 days when temperature is maintained at 7°C or below.

Halal certified, Kosher Pareve, Non-GMO Project verified and vegan.

Red Star® Fresh Yeast Products

Explore the baking solutions available in our Red Star® range.

Red Star® Compressed Yeast High Sugar

A high quality fresh yeast ideal for use in very sweet dough.

Take Your Baking to a New Level

Learn how our products can be customised to meet your unique baking needs.