Our Baking Centerā„¢ Network

Saf-Viet established its own Baking Centerā„¢ in 2013 with its facility in Ho Chi Minh. Our customers are supported by a network of expert bakers, helping them in perfecting their recipes to address market trends. Our Baking Centerā„¢ network is able to support you in creating new bakery ingredients, developing production processes, sensory analysis, and technical training and troubleshooting.


Today, Lesaffre has a network of more thanĀ 40 Baking Centerā„¢ globally. This includes more thanĀ 10 Baking Centerā„¢ across the Asia Pacific region. The missions of our Baking Centerā„¢


Logistics and Delivery Capabilities

To ensure our customers have the best quality and performing yeast, Saf-Viet has a network of distributors throughout Vietnam.

Sensory Analysis Capabilities: The Language of Bread

The language of bread crosses cultural boundaries, encompassing a familiar mix of aromas, flavours, textures, sounds and visual appeal. In our centre of bakery excellence in France, our sensory experts use dynamic methods to decipher consumer vocabulary into technical savoir faire or know-how and practical advice.


Their expertise helps perfecting the solutions for a wide range of some of the consumerā€™s favourites ā€“ roti manis, pan de sal, baguettes, croissants, flat breads, sourdough and more.

Research & Development

While fundamental research is written into the genes of Lesaffreā€™s researchers, one of our Research & Development objectives is to achieve the right balance between staying at the cutting edge of innovation, launching new products, and developing new applications in the field of yeast.


Since its creation in 1965, R&D has been one of the strategic pillars of the group that has become a reference point in producing, transforming and marketing all forms of yeast.

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