Five Stars®

What is Five Stars®?

A high-quality yeast trusted by industrial and craft bakers across Asia Pacific. Suited for both traditional and modern bread-making technologies, Five Stars® fresh yeast allows bakers to create high-quality Asian and European baked goods.


Ensure excellent results in every bake with Five Stars®.


All our fresh yeast products can be incorporated into your recipes conveniently. Simply crumble and add to your flour in the mixing process.


Use Five Stars® with confidence across a wide variety of applications and processes, including frozen dough.

Superior Fermentation Stability

Enjoy high quality and flavourful baked goods thanks to the stable fermentation provided by our fresh yeast formulation.

How You Can Use Five Stars®

Take advantage of the unique properties offered by our fresh yeast product.

Use Five Stars® Gold when working with sweet doughs to create rich baked goods like brioche and Viennoiseries.

Incorporate Five Stars® Red into your recipes for lean dough to produce delicious baguettes, dinner rolls and pizza crusts.

From traditional hard crust breads to rich milk loaves, enjoy making a diverse array of baked goods from both Europe and Asia.


Here are some key properties of Five Stars® fresh yeast:

Certified Kosher Pareve, Halal, Non-GMO Project Verified and preservatives-free.

Store below 10°C to ensure good stability.

Requires cold chain logistics to retain fermentation power in professional use cases.

Our Range of Five Stars® Fresh Yeast Products

Find the perfect yeast for your baking needs!

Five Stars® Red Fresh Yeast

Suitable for modern and traditional bread-making processes, using less sweet dough.

Five Stars® Gold Fresh Yeast

Suitable for modern and traditional bread-making processes using sweeter dough.

Take Your Baking to a New Level

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