Fresh Yeast

Fresh Yeast


Relied on by industrial and craft bakers across Southeast Asia region, fresh/ compressed yeast is affordable, easy to use, and ideal for most baking applications. With a light and creamy colour, it is easily crumbled and added in during the mixing process. To protect its fermentation power, compressed yeast must be stored in a temperature-controlled environment.


  • Extremely easy to use – incorporate in mixer without preparation
  • Ideal for many baking applications
  • Good stability when kept at +4ĀŗC
  • Must store at or below +10ĀŗC. Requires established cold chain logistics and transportation
Safviet CY with block

Saf-VietĀ® Fresh Yeast

Saf-VietĀ® is a high performing fresh yeast recommended by bakers who expect the highest quality in their baked products.Ā Saf-VietĀ® fresh yeast is used for manufacture any type of lean dough baking products using traditional or modern technologies. Ideal in fast processes or frozen applications,Ā Saf-VietĀ® yeast is recognized for its consistency and high fermenting power.

Five stars fresh yeast

Five StarsĀ® Fresh Yeast

FIVE STARSĀ® fresh yeast is aĀ high quality yeast relied on by industrial and craft bakers across Asia Pacific. Suited to both traditional and modern bread-making technologies,Ā FIVE STARSĀ® fresh yeast helps bakers create high quality Asian and European baked goods alike.


Available inĀ FIVE STARSĀ® Gold and Red, each has its own unique functions to produce a quality baked goods.


  • FIVE STARSĀ® Gold –Ā For sweet dough with recipe >5% sugar content.
  • FIVE STARSĀ® Red –Ā For low sugar or lean dough with recipe <5% sugar content

Cat Tuong Blue Fresh Yeast

Cat Tuong Blue fresh yeast is suitable for low-sugar dough and easily adapated to traditional and modern baking. It is also adapted for long fermentation and slow proofing process. Known for its consistency and adaptability, Cat Tuong Blue fresh yeast can be mix directly into the mixing process.

Song Ma Fresh Yeast

Suitable for lean dough, Song Ma fresh yeast is one of the high performing yeasts in Lesaffre. With quality procedure strictly controlled, Lesaffre ensures the yeasts produced satisfied our customers. This includes the variety of baked goods that can be produced with our yeast.

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